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Edge Transport uses the very best in technology to deliver quality distribution services and best value for customers

At Edge Transport we are always looking to invest in technology that helps us drive quality and cost effectiveness across our business.Technology that helps us proactively monitor and maintain our excellent service levels.

Traffic Management System – every single consignment handled by Edge Transport is monitored by our Stirling traffic system. As well as offering Customer Online Job Entry and proof of delivery access, it records every tracking event generated during the consignment life cycle enabling us to ensure that consignments are reaching their destination, on time and in full, regardless of the route or network used.  

Digital Signature Capture – real time digital signatures are the quickest and easiest way of getting a proof of delivery for our customers. Each of our drivers carries a DSC unit, a handheld device which shows the details of each delivery and captures a name, signature, timestamp and GPRS location for each consignment. Uploaded to our traffic system in real time, a POD can be available online within minutes. 

Telematics – each of our vehicles has a full telematics system measuring MPG, CO2 output and driver performance. With built in GPS tracking we can, and do, monitor the locations and progress of each of our vehicles, an essential activity to identify any delays on route that could impact on customer expectations. 

In Cab CCTV – 2012 saw an investment in the very latest Smart Witness vehicle CCTV systems for our fleet. The ‘Black Box’ equivalent for vehicles, the in cab, front facing CCTV technology captures images and data to assist us in defending any fraudulent insurance claims as well as enabling us to proactively monitor driving behaviour. 

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